Mission & Public Records

Our Heritage

Throughout both American and Texas history, a great number of the prominent figures who have shaped our Country, State and City, have been Masons.

Texas history would be hard to define without telling the story of Masonry. From Stephen F. Austin, many of the defenders of the Alamo, many of the soldiers at San Jacinto, Sam Houston and even Santa Anna, Masonry has been a part of the lives of Texans through out history.

Cities such as Seguin, Austin, Richardson and Houston were named after famous Texas Masons as were many streets here in Houston, Travis, Walker, Milam, Clay and Fannin. Indeed it is hard to visit much of Texas without being reminded of the involvement Masonry has had in its history.

Our Purpose

At The Houston Masonic Library and Museum Foundation, our purpose is to document, preserve, and educate the community about the effects this Fraternity has had on our heritage.

Our Mission

The mission of the library and museum is to become a significant source of Masonic education in the surrounding community by collecting and preserving the Masonic records and artifacts of Houston, Harris County, Texas and the United States.

The mission is to provide educational avenues for local civic organizations, church groups, school age children, genealogical societies and historical societies on Masonry in Texas and the world.

The mission is to provide volunteer speakers for scheduled meetings and gatherings of organizations, schools and societies.

To help with genealogical research the library can provide Masonic membership information about Masons in Texas. Masonic records do not contain biographical details beyond name of Lodge, degree dates, years in Lodge, birth and death dates.

The museum contains Masonic artifacts representing Texas Masonic history.portraits, Masonic regalia, anniversary commemorative items of Grand Lodge and local Lodges, furniture, glassware, porcelain, stoneware, aprons, etc. The library has volumes of Masonic works representing Texas Masonic history, U.S. and overseas Masonic history, Masonic history in general and histories of local Texas Lodges.

Public Records

IRS Form 990 Filings – please contact us for any public information requests.