Come Hell or High Water: Susanna at the Alamo



COME HELL OR HIGH WATER: Susanna at the Alamo

A new play that celebrates Texas women who long ago learned to live by their wits.

Privy to much of what was happening in Gonzales and San Antonio as her husband Almeron fought on the Texan side, young Susanna Dickinson survives the Alamo massacre. And then she is called to meet with Santa Anna.  In this new play by Diana Howie, we see these key events through her eyes.  Five actors bring over a dozen other participants alive, including David Crockett, Stephen Austin, Ramon & Francisca Muzquiz, and William Barret Travis.

The Houston Masonic Library and Museum Foundation is in the process of building a collection of plays celebrating Texas history, and in particular the events, stories, and individuals involved in Texas winning its independence from Mexico.  Leaving San Jacinto was the first play in this collection, performed in Houston and Dallas in 2013.

HMLMF’s second production will be Ms. Howie’s new play Come Hell or High Water: Susanna at the Alamo, focusing on Susanna Dickinson’s life, from the “Com and take it cannon” in Gonzales to the massacre at the Alamo.

A concert reading of the play is planned for April 25, 2015 at the new Queensbury Theatre. The production is scheduled for October 16-18, 2015 at the same location, 12777 Queensbury Lane (opposite City Centre).

If you would like to attend the reading on April 25th, check the websites or for details.